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Angelo and Deemon

Once upon a time, somewhere and somehow, Death had planned to visit one certain apartment. At the same moment a strike of lightning ignited an unbelievable and breathtaking chain of events, which made Death to choose the wrong door. The wrong target has become Angelo – young lazy bum, oh sorry - a blogger who only needs likes and views at any cost.

So, he got a glimmer of hope that journey to another world would be rendered into the most trending, liking and hyping video of the internet and he had hit the road to another world in a heartbeat. Here it comes – Hell. Angelo, powered by his blogger skills, must go round the whole inferno and get back. And he won’t travel alone.

What to expect:

  • Expressive and vaguely similar to someone characters
  • Helluva great looking levels (and unique, by the way)
  • Addictive and mind-blowing puzzles. You’ll have to think really hard, not as you always do in games
  • Funny dialogues. The cocktail of humor and philosophy, highly recommended. You won’t forget character’s lines, even if you’ll try. Everyone of them is personality and has its own problems. Who doesn’t, right?