Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward

Your twin brother is missing and the only clue you have to work from is an address to a hotel that he left behind! The only trace to follow is the necklace he never took off...and a swampland address. Now, you must navigate through a winding tangled swamp in order to find him! Follow the clues James Spillet left and discover an awful truth.

The clues lead you to an abandoned hotel where you unravel a mystery of necromancy and more in this eerie hidden-object puzzle adventure classic! Wield the powerful incantations of the necronomicon and save your brother! Seek out clues and useful, hidden tools to solve cunning puzzles left by a diabolical madman!

Key features:

  • Gorgeous graphics and design help to dive into the game’s atmosphere. The hotel hidden deep in the swampy woods is something you should see. We even made a trip to the similar area to bring you the true feeling of such place.
  • Live-action cinematics to feel the right mood and follow the story.
  • Adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft bone-chilling story. Game includes a lot of references to many of his works. We carefully mixed all of them in one small world, full of unknown sides of fear. The game covers three days and every next day it’s getting worse and more terrifying…
  • Storyline was crafted in such way, to guide you through every dark corner of our tale. Read notes left by previous visitor – a reporter – to learn more about the hotel. They are stylized like Lovecraftian stories with references.
  • Game’s puzzles respond the story, so you’ll have to make something you never did before.
  • True horror ending!