The Art Style of Angelo and Deemon

Every new game starts from an idea and every idea should be visualized. It is very important that player can feel the mood of the whole game (including dialogs and characters) by seeing the first location only. Colors, line’s curves — everything tells him that’s it’s going to be fun, vivid, full of details that he might want to look closely.

We’ve pitched this idea to our concept artist and he came up with this very first variant.

Very first concept art of Angelo's room

Not bad, but perspective is very complicated for a character to move around. So we decided to leave apartment interior and move camera to the side view. We wanted to try a different style. A little bit of work and artist came up with this variant.

French cartoon style

The camera view is perfect, everyone like it, but the art style like in French cartoons, with pastel colors was not appreciated by everyone. Personally, I like French cartoons especially gorgeous Belleville Rendezvous/The Triplets Of Belleville, but this style does not set the right mood which we wanted to achieve. So we decided to try something bright and funny. Here comes the third variant.

Bright and Funny variant

The whole team loved this concept, but we were afraid that the artist wouldn’t handle to draw the entire game in this art style. The next decision was to try this concept in more traditional art style. We’ve bounced a couple of tries and finally came up with this:

More traditional art style

Looks promising! After a couple hours of polish and adding some details we finally got what we want.

Almost final variant

Almost perfect, but the game is about an epic adventure in hell and everything starts here — in Angelo’s apartment. We’ve changed the time of day and added some spooky atmosphere. The first scene of the adventure was born.

The final variant in game

In six huge steps we’ve set the art style for the game. I hope you like it as much as we do.

Thank you for reading this short story and I hope you like it. If you want more similar stories about the development process please leave a comment. Have a great day.

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