Remember the Fairytale

Do you like fairy tales? Where the good and the evil fight till the end of time, and nice guys always win. We do. So there was that idea in the air to make a game like this – about magic and fairy land.

When I was a kid I always liked stories about brave girls and boys who never leave their friends in trouble and do their best to help. Sonya is just like that, she is selfless, young woman, brave enough to face any difficulties to save the one she cares about.

So the plot came out rather quickly, like in all fairy tales you should rescue someone you love. It is a story of two sisters, separated by unknown villains in one moment. This concept is bulletproof as there is nothing more valuable in this world than a Family.

Then we needed some magic to add to the plot. So the main heroine is left in a disaster by unknown enemy – the life force of her sister Lily is stolen with the help of a magic device. This evil weapon is the only trace to the mysterious thieves.

Sonya has to leave her sister unconscious, but still alive, to trace the villains and find out the way to bring back Lily to life. Then we should explain why she is alone. So we decided to make this “kidnappings” happen with other people too.

Her family can’t help her, because their parents (doctors) are away, trying to cure another people in town, who lapsed into a coma during two days. And all of them were quite healthy before. They do their best but those people are still dying away very quickly.

No one saw how it happened, but gossips talk about some mysterious lord from faraway land and his magical skill to take man's life force. So here it is – the evil lord to overcome. Thus the plot was build, inspired by beloved child stories and belief in the Good.

After the main story was built all we needed was as many fairy locations as we could imagine to make the path to the dark lord. Sonya’s world greatly differs from ours – trees can speak if you can listen, animals may help if you ask, carpets can fly and dragons are bored with frightening people. So there are four main areas where action take place:

  1. Dark wood
  2. Fairy Tree
  3. And Magic castle
  4. The way back home through the caves

While the wood was much classy as in all fairy tales with its fog, mysterious paths and hidden puzzles, our favorite part is a Magic Tree. Don’t know why, maybe because all kids are fond of making their hidden places on the trees, some even build their own tree houses.

Our Fairy Tree is such a hideout place for the outlaws, their home, their “castle”. Drawing all these rooms inside a huge tree was a very exiting process, that made us feel young again.

After exploring all these rooms, we get to the flying island through the portal. It’s a place where the dark lord lives. This castle is old and gothic to make us feel that ancient evil lives here. Evil deeply connected with dark magic. In this castle weather depends on his (Dark Lord’s) mood, pictures on the walls can welcome you inside them and mirrors are not what they seem to be, but portals to the hideout laboratories and rooms.

In the final battle of course Sonya defeats the evil master and frees her sister’s soul, but she still has to find her way back home. This part of the game was drawn the last after the main part was ready. At first the game ended after the final battle with the lord, but after many surveys we understood that the game wasn’t finished yet, players needed more satisfying ending. That’s how the last chapter was born.

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