Inbetween Land beta test

We are going to start the beta testing for the upcoming game "Inbetween Land" - the new adventure game.

In order to participate please subscribe on our site. If you are already our subscriber we'll send you the invitation letter when the beta test actually starts.

New Haunted Hotel is ready

The time has come - today everybody can try the newest game in Haunted Hotel series - Charles Dexter Ward. Trial the game to feel that you cannot stop and want play it till the end. By the way – the end might be not as you expected…

You know where to get it. Happy gaming!

New Haunted Hotel is almost there

Finally! All that we've been waiting for is near. New Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward will be available really soon! Our team put all our efforts in this project. While adapting H.P. Lovecraft’s book we tried to be as close to his work as possible. All game locations design, names and characters is a reflection of his books. In addition, in this project we made cinematic cut-scenes, live action video that, we assume, will immerse player into the game. This is a handcrafted game, give it a try.

Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward

Island: The Lost Medallion is iOS must-have

Island: The Lost Medallion is now available in iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad. If you are an adventure fan – this is your game. If you not – you can just delight yourself with beautiful art, nice story and addictive mini-games.

Try it for free!

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